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For the freshest coffee, we roast our coffee and ship it out to you within 72 hours.  All coffee orders will ship the first week of the month.  

Select either up to 2 varieties for each month!!  Perfect for housholds who have both medium and dark roast coffee drinkers!  

Loved your first month's selections and want them again next month?  Then do nothing, and your custom chossen options will reship again!

Looking for a Change for next month?  Log into your account before your next billing cycle to make any changes to your order.  

Need more coffee to get you through the month(yes please), or have to much(can you really ever have to much coffee..)? 

Changes can also be made to the size of your coffee order by loging into your account.


Not sure what size to order, refer to our chart below:

1lb=approx 20 cups

2lb=approx 40 cups

3lb=approx 60 cups

4lb= approx 80 cups

5lb= approx 100 cups

Example:  For a household with 2 people who average 1 cup a day they would want to start with 3lbs a month.  1cup day X 30 days a month X 2 people=60 cups month


Medium Roast Profiles: 

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe:

: Floral, peach, tart cherries, green apple, full & balanced.


House blend Medium roast

Notes of nutty caramel, brown sugar, honey with hints of lemon zest.  This is a well-balanced coffee for acidity, and perfect any time of day.


Roasters Choice Medium Roast:  Always a single origin coffee such as Guatamalan, Brazil, Honduras, Costa Rica etc.



Custom Blend, bringing you the perfect sweet espresso bitterness here!



COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Various
PROCESS: Swiss Water Process Decaf
GRADE: Excelso


Dark Roast Profiles: 

Northern Lights Dark

Notes of Caramel, Red apple, Mandarin, Pears and Guava.  You will also notice a hint of floral and white chocolate with a light smokiness.  This is a clean and well-balanced acidity coffee.  



This coffee is a very bold coffee with a hint of smoke and dark chocolate notes, and a heavy body.  Our top selling dark roast!


Sumatra Tiger:

Stone-fruit acidity, herbal, dates, medium body, balanced

Monthly coffee subscription

Price Options
One-time purchase
C$25.00every month until canceled
annual auto renew
C$25.00every month until canceled
Monthly 3 Months
C$25.00every month for 3 months
  • This subscrirtion is a reaccuring charge every month until cancelled 

    cancel anytime

    charged at time of ordering right away

    shipments will ship on the 1st of every month

    changes must be made prior to your next billing cycle: refer to date of original order.  


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