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Perfect for finding your perfect medium roast, and an excellent option for gift giving!!


Each month you will be shipped a new medium roast coffee to try.  See below for the three coffee profiles that are included in this package. 


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe:

: Floral, peach, tart cherries, green apple, full & balanced.


House Blend Medium Roast

Notes of nutty caramel, brown sugar, honey with hints of lemon zest.  This is a well-balanced coffee for acidity, and perfect any time of day.


Roasters Choice Medium Roast:  Always a single origin coffee such as Guatamalan, Brazil, Honduras, Costa Rica etc.


Not sure what size to order, refer to our chart below:

1lb=aprox 20 cups

2lb=aprox 40 cups

3lb=aprox 60 cups

4lb= aprox 80 cups

5lb= aprox 100 cups

Example:  For a household with 2 people who average 1 cup a day they would want to start with 3lbs a month.  1cup day X 30 days a month X 2 people=60 cups month

3 Month Roasters Medium Roast Sample Pack

  • This subscrirtion is a one time charge for the total of the 3 months, which is charged at time of ordering.

    Shipments will ship on the 1st of every month

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